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Manayer Najd Medical Com

About us

Overview Manayer Najd Medical Company is one of the leading health care distributors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Founded in 1991, it specializes in the sale and distribution of pharmaceuticals and veterinary drugs, food supplements consumer goods and medical supplies. Since 2011, Manayer Najd is certified ISO 9000:2008 in optimum sales and distribution operations.

Manayer is part of the Yaseen United Group, a leading health care conglomerate in Saudi Arabia, engaging in retail pharmacy chains, consumer good distribution and Polyclinics.

Chairman’s Message

In 1991, Manayer Najd was founded with the intention of providing the most innovative and cost-effective healthcare services in Saudi Arabia. Today, in its short history, it has gained a strong reputation in the field. We are considered a desired destination for companies to represent their products in the kingdom.

This was achieved through forging strong and long-lasting relationships with our partner companies. Together, we achieve our objectives in supplying quality products and services, and distributing them with precision, accuracy and reliability.

This ultimately leads to consistent growth and enhancement of our image in the market. In addition to our distribution capabilities, Manayer uses its separate scientific office to promote and sell principal company products. This creates a competitive advantage for our partners who do not have the initial ability to market their brands in the kingdom. I am proud to represent innovative partners that are not only involved in treating patients’ symptoms and illness, but also to maintain and improve their quality of life. We cover the patient’s needs all round and ensure that the best care is readily available and at an efficient price.

Manayer Najd is also privileged in forming a uniquely successful relationship with United Pharmaceutical Company, one of the leading pharmacy chains in Saudi Arabia, with more than 230 outlets spread across the kingdom. Our partners are consistently given special attention in visual display, rapid availability and recommended by our retail pharmacists. I envision a great future for Manayer to become a world class distributor of health care. We strive to be at the forefront to improve a person’s wellbeing through simplicity and innovation.

Mohammad Abdulrahim Yaseen



To create customer value by becoming a world-class medical agent/distributor in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We aim to achieve this by setting the highest standard in registering, marketing and distributing quality and innovative health care products and services.


To lead by example in the health care sector. We thrive to bring the most innovative products and services to market with the aim of treating and maintaining the health, well-being and beauty of our customers.